"This Is In

   Everything We Do"

Aviv Noam Quartet

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Introducing "Aviv Noam Quartet"

Where Intimacy, Humor and Chaos come together to a blend of sound.


About Aviv

Saxophone player, composer and educator

Aviv Noam is a Saxophone player (Alto/Bari/Soprano), Artist & Composer Originally from Tel-Aviv (IL).  


For the past few years Aviv is residing in Amsterdam (NL) and is working in various projects in the Dutch & European Jazz scene. ​


Aviv established his own musical style in Jazz music together with his band: "Aviv Noam Quartet". ​


The band plays original music coming from the Avant-garde Jazz roots, in combination with other musical styles & influences like Classical music, Indian/Carnatic and Free Improvisation. 


The Aviv Noam Quartet

“Anyone can make the simple complicated, creativity is making the complicated simple.”

- Charles Mingus

Who we are

A group of four Jazz educated musicians from three different countries (IL, IT, FR), who met In the music scene of Amsterdam. We create original music that puts Intimacy, Organized-Chaos, Humor and Contradictions in the center of our music, together with the importance of Groove and Melody. 

Aviv Noam - Saxophones

Federico Calcagno - Bass Clarinet

Louis J. Bourhis - Double Bass

Guy Salamon - Drums

As we began playing our original music, presented in the album, our musical encounter became an immediate surprise. The musical core of each one of us interconnected spontaneously - no masks, no filters.


Our music emphasizes refined emotions and cultivates an experience of the present moment, using musical elements of deconstruction.


We were able to tap into it, manifesting  who we are as exploring artists.

The hidden values of Charles Mingus’ music are at the core of our music-making.

Mingus especially inspires us with his ability to take the listener on an unexpected emotional roller-coaster within just one piece!


Mingus' music reflects the nature of life as a constant change, with its ups and downs and imperfection. Time and again Mingus brings contradicting musical elements to the present moment, which has an immediate effect on the mood of the piece.


Elements in our music are inspired by Mingus, focusing on changing emotions, interpreting life and creating rare musical moments.

Our Story

“This is in everything we do”

Mingus & Life Through Music





Pnina & Gezer Suite

This piece was written in memory of Pnina Zimnowich & Shabtai Duvdevani.


Intimate & Melodic yet filled with irresistible energy



Artwork: Hila Noam, Title & Design: Karin Melamed

Aviv Noam Quartet

Aviv Noam Quartet in Amsterdam

Aviv Noam

Aviv Noam Quartet

Keep an Eye on Jazz Competition 2019

Keep an Eye on Jazz Competition 2019

Keep an Eye on Jazz Competition 2019

Behind the making of "This Is In Everything We Do"

Behind the making of "This Is In Everything We Do"

Aviv Noam


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